This is a follow up post. I said in the previous post that what we had learnt from recording the first round of student presentations meant that we would make the following changes: Use a separate mic. Keep the room lights on. Make one long recording and chop it up later so academics do not […]

As part of our lecture capture trial we have encouraged a couple of academics to use Panopto to record student presentations. This is what happened. Group 1. The lecturer had an assessment on her module which involved the students giving a presentation about Youth Work. The students were allowed to do it live or submit a […]

Further to the issue I described two posts ago (Panopto 4.6 4.7 issue) we now know the following. Recordings made in 4.6 before 4.7 was released work on and off campus. Recordings made in 4.6 with smooth streaming off after 4.7 released cannot be viewed on campus but can be seen off campus Recordings made […]

I have long advocated the use of PDF documents but have recently been asked to justify my preference for them over Word documents by someone who thinks Word documents are more accessible. For sure Word is now far more accessible than it used to be and certainly you do see badly designed and inaccessible PDFs, as […]

We have run into a problem with Panopto which we don’t as yet fully understand. Typically it became apparent on a high stakes recording. We made this on Wednesday and it was to be shown to the Governing Council yesterday. However the video failed to load and we could not show it. The recording was […]

I have just got round to installing the new version of Panopto Recorder 4.7 for Windows which was launched three days ago and I am pleased to report it has solved two problems. 1.  I had been unable to run 4.6 on my laptop.  It seemed to install but threw up an error message each time […]

This blog has the strap line Day to Day in e-Learning. The following simply recounts one job that cropped up this afternoon – nothing special but I thought I’d record it here as part of our Panopto trial. No one in the office – all either off sick or on holiday and one person working from […]

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