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Xerte in Health Psychology 8 – File Sizes

As a follow-on to the previous post.  Here are the sizes of the zip files produced by the export. I’m posting this simply because before we started we had absolutely no idea what to expect and so it may help others who are just about to start. I realise there is no direct correlation between […]

Xerte in Health Psychology 7 – Exporting

A technical issue raised its ugly head after the students’ deadline, which has caused a problem. During the project the students worked on our server, they could share their projects to work collaboratively and also share them with their tutors for feedback.  However, a decision was taken before the start of the project that they […]

Xerte in Health Psychology 6 – Copyright

Copyright issues. In this update to our HEA Digital Literacies in the Disciplines project I reflect on the problems we encountered with copyright infringement, which has made nearly all our learning objects unusable as OERs  until we can ‘sanitize’ them. Next time we run this Health Psychology module we will certainly need to provide greater guidance […]

Xerte in Health Psychology 5 – Templates

Pages Types. I was quite interested (and sometimes dismayed) on seeing which Xerte page types the students chose and how many different page types they used in their Learning Objects.  My impression often was that they used too many and so compromised usability. I had the intention of analysing  their choices, but having started I […]

Xerte in Health Psychology 4 – Reflection

This update is a personal reflection from my standpoint as head of e-learning and does not reflect the views of the academic tutors on the module nor the students. Having jotted down these notes I ran them past my academic colleague on the project and the learning technologist who supported the project and have added their comments after mine. Overall. […]

Xerte in Health Psychology 3 – Progress Report

Progress report on our Digital Literacies in the Disciplines project, Using Xerte in Health Psychology. I realised the other day that this project doesn’t have an official name.  This is because it isn’t a standalone project with its own identity.  We applied for funding from the HEA to embed the use of Xerte Online Toolkits […]

Social Mapping of Rooms on Campus

I want to create an app so that students and staff can get directions  and see images of the furniture and equipment in a teaching room before going to the room. However, I don’t want to make it myself (that would be too easy!), I want to create a social project in which students and staff […]

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