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Digital Storytelling

I recently asked the following question on the ALT list on JISCMail. I  haven’t looked at this for a while (not since PhotoStory 3!) and I know there are a million and one pages about Digital Storytelling out there on the web, but can anyone recommend tools suitable for undergrads to produce 5 – 10 […]

Assessing Moodle Courses for Accessibility

We are going to have a push next semester at making our Moodle courses more accessible. One of the ways we intend doing this is for each discipline to look at two of their Moodle courses and assess them for accessibility against a checklist the e-learning department will supply. We wanted to provide staff with an […]

Technology Enhanced Research

This post is an adaptation of a newsletter I produced for internal consumption at my university. The original had more information that related to the licences and set up we have on campus. However, this stripped down version may be of use to others so I am posting it here.  Many thanks to colleagues on […]

Where are we and what’s next? (Panopto trial)

Although Christmas does not mark the end of a semester, it feels like semester one is drawing to an end and although our trial of the Panopto lecture capture system is to run for the whole academic year, I will need to report on progress at the end of this semester as that is when […]

Student Presentations Part 2 (Panopto)

This is a follow up post. I said in the previous post that what we had learnt from recording the first round of student presentations meant that we would make the following changes: Use a separate mic. Keep the room lights on. Make one long recording and chop it up later so academics do not […]

Offline recording

The ability to record a Panopto session offline is obviously very useful.  However the way the recorder works is not as useful as we thought. This morning we lost internet connectivity in a teaching room but were not worried as we knew we could record offline and upload the session later. However, what we did not […]

Panopto Focus Block on Moodle

Initially I was quite pleased with the Panopto Focus block because it was easy to install and it worked.  However, I became a little less enamoured with it when I realised… you cannot display the contents of more than one folder in the block you cannot have more than one block per page you cannot […]

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