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Designing Online Induction

The e-Learning Department has been working on replacing our brief annual face-to-face student induction session with a more comprehensive online version.  This is to cover all the university’s web systems (VLE, email, SharePoint, SITS- mynewman, Mahara e-portfolio and also the physical and wifi network on campus).  Progress to date has resulted in a Moodle course structured topically with a brief […]

Evaluation – Isn’t there an off the peg solution?

(Learning Log for OLDS MOOC Week 7) I’ve just spent a couple of hours looking through all the resources on Cloudworks about evaluating learning design and found it all quite frustrating. The first thing that frustrated me was the number of times I clicked into Clouds to discover they were empty.  I realise that they have been […]

Learning Design & Formative Evaluation. OLDSMOOC W7

This blog entry is part of my learning diary for OLDSMOOC. Learning Design & Formative Evaluation. This is the title of a paper by Thomas Reeves and Yishay Mor for week 7 of the Open University’s OLDS MOOC on 21st Century Learning Design and available today at least on . My position is that I don’t design courses […]

Prototyping (OLDSMOOC W5)

Prototyping has been the subject of week 5 of the OU’s MOOC ‘Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum’ and I have taken a back seat.  The back seat in a long bus, watching the drivers down the front and my fellow passengers, some seemingly asleep but some being very energetic. (There are also some empty seats […]

Observations on the pacing of online courses.

Lockstep. On the OLDS MOOC course I have been interested to observe how I am tackling the issue of keeping up with the prescribed pace. OLDS MOOC is a 9 week course in which students are expected to progress in lockstep and the pace is quite minutely prescribed with daily tasks. Some tutors provide estimated […]

OLDS MOOC W4 problems and questions

Problems. I have many motivations for participating in the OLDS MOOC. One of which is to experience a MOOC as a student and to see how a MOOC is managed.  I’ve previously mentioned in this blog my frustration with having so many communication channels (and this has been debated – some people like it).  Now I’m […]

OLDS MOOC W3 The Wood from the Trees.

  Because the designers of this MOOC do not want to be too –prescriptive they throw a lot of alternatives at us, the students,  and encourage us to make up our own minds.  This week they have thrown lots of tools at us and asked us to make up our own toolkits and I have […]

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