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Live Captioning

As part of our drive to improve the accessibility of our learning materials this year, we have been captioning videos with Amara and also sourcing videos on Box of Broadcasts, which are invariably already captioned (though sometimes poorly it has to be admitted).  Occasionally we outsource captioning to an external company  and recently they got in […]

Accessibility of PDFs

I have long advocated the use of PDF documents but have recently been asked to justify my preference for them over Word documents by someone who thinks Word documents are more accessible. For sure Word is now far more accessible than it used to be and certainly you do see badly designed and inaccessible PDFs, as […]

JISC Inform Issue 36

There’s an email lurking in my inbox about the Spring edition of JISC Inform. It contains three recommended options for what to read. If you have 5 minutes – top tips and hot picks. 20 mins – interviews and advice articles. 30 mins – browse our horizon scanning articles. I’ll give it 30 and try to take […]

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