Assessing Moodle Courses for Accessibility

We are going to have a push next semester at making our Moodle courses more accessible.

One of the ways we intend doing this is for each discipline to look at two of their Moodle courses and assess them for accessibility against a checklist the e-learning department will supply.

We wanted to provide staff with an online tool to input their assessment and have created an online survey which can be done on a tablet while they look at the Moodle course on their desktop.

The idea of using a survey is twofold:
1. to collect data so we can gauge the scale of the problem and
2. to focus academics’ attention on the issues.

The survey is here:

If anyone has the time and interest, we would be very grateful for any feedback on the survey before we give it to staff. We have tried to keep it fairly simply yet also broad enough to cover most of the main issues we anticipate. Also, if anyone wants to adapt it for their own institutions and has Survey Monkey, I’d be pleased to give you a copy.

Some of the questions are specific to our university but most are generic.

The accessibility guidelines included in the survey seem to me to be generally accepted, but I’d be pleased to hear from anyone who thinks we have interpreted them wrongly or completely forgotten something obvious.


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