Panopto 4.6 4.7 issue

We have run into a problem with Panopto which we don’t as yet fully understand. Typically it became apparent on a high stakes recording. We made this on Wednesday and it was to be shown to the Governing Council yesterday. However the video failed to load and we could not show it.

The recording was made on Version 4.6 on a PC which we have used before with Panopto. The recording uploaded very quickly but remained in a processing state at 51% for hours. I got in touch with the very helpful people at Panopto Support and they fixed the problem by deleting a separate extra 3 minute stream.  I think this stream got uploaded from an iPad which I joined to the main session.  When I stopped recording on the iPad I decided not to use the recording but in the interim maybe three minutes of recording got uploaded over wifi. I’m not sure about this and need to  find out how it works.

The following paragraph is slightly off topic so skip if you’re not interested in iPads.

Regarding cancelling an additional iPad stream, I’ve just done the same thing as a test and when you stop recording on the iPad it offers you three options: 1) retake 2) play  3) use. If you do not want to use the recording, your only option seems to be to press ‘retake’. When you do that you have the option to cancel.  This is what I think I did. However, as I say, maybe (I need to confirm this) some of the recording was being uploaded as I was recording (?).

The iPad thing is really a red herring though because after Panopto Support fixed the recording, we realised that we could not view it on campus although colleagues off campus could see it. Initially this looked as though it is something to do with our university’s internet access and indeed Panopto suspect a ports issue. However, as far as we are aware at the present time, nothing has changed at our end and we suspect it has something to do with the way the recording was processed.

After further investigation we realise that on campus we cannot see recordings made with Panopto 4.6. although they can be viewed off campus. (Though we can see recordings made with 4.6 before 4.7 was released).

We can also now see the recording in question. The only thing different as far as I can tell is that I edited it last night from home with 4.7.  So I am thinking maybe this is a version issue.

As a test I have just made a recording on campus with 4.6 which does not load and then edited it in 4.7 and it become viewable. So the problem does seems to be with 4.6.

Recordings made with 4.7 are fine by the way.

Recordings made in 4.6 do load but the video never starts as can be seen below.

Video fails to load - black screen

As I started off saying, we do not understand what is happening here and I am not saying the issue is at Panopto’s end. I am merely recording our experiences in our trial and by blogging allowing others to share similar experiences or supply advice.



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