Panopto Recorder 4.7 solves two problems

I have just got round to installing the new version of Panopto Recorder 4.7 for Windows which was launched three days ago and I am pleased to report it has solved two problems.

1.  I had been unable to run 4.6 on my laptop.  It seemed to install but threw up an error message each time it was launched. I had Panopto Support investigate and they took control of my laptop and uninstalled and reinstalled it a couple of times and poked about a bit, but in the end we agreed to give up and wait for the new version.  I just installed it and was up and running in minutes. Perfect.  I don’t know what caused 4.6 to fail but 4.7 is fine.

2. We had quite a few problems editing in the old version and put it down to its reliance on SilverLight.  The problem was that when you tried to skip through the recording by moving the slider beneath the video, it froze and an error message saying Stream Failed to Load appeared.  With the new version this does not happen so I very hopeful that this error has disappeared at work too.

There are lots of other new features but I haven’t explored these yet.

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