Just another Panopto job

This blog has the strap line Day to Day in e-Learning. The following simply recounts one job that cropped up this afternoon – nothing special but I thought I’d record it here as part of our Panopto trial.

Blue Yeti Mic

Blue Yeti Mic

No one in the office – all either off sick or on holiday and one person working from home as she is recovering from being off sick.  I get email from this team member asking whether I’d seen a particular job in the department’s inbox. I hadn’t.  An academic who has never used Panopto before wants a lecture Panopto’d this afternoon (sorry for short notice), audio only, no video. I say I’ll do it and decide to use our newly purchased BlueYeti mic.  I check out the room ahead of time – all looks good and ready and I edit the lecturer’s Panopto account (all staff have Viewer accounts) to make it a Creator account.  I turn up five minutes before the designated time to find a bunch of students outside the door and another lecture going on inside.  I phone Room Bookings – they say the lecturer who had asked me to record the session should have the room. Then another lecturer arrives (she is a guest lecturer who will be delivering the lecture for the person who had contacted me) and decides not to turf out her colleague who thinks he has the room booked and leads us all off to another room. I’m wondering whether this other room has Panopto Recorder installed and whether its PC is any good as last time I used that room there were problems.  The new room turns out to be OK but the lecturer doesn’t have access to the PowerPoint on the Moodle course (because she is a guest lecturer). I have to quickly enrol her. Then I realise she does not have a Panopto Creator account so cannot use Recorder. I log on myself and set up the session.  The Blue Yeti works right out of the box (literally), no installation or anything. Perfect. I’m doing the recording levels and ask the lecturer where she’ll stand. She says she’ll move around and anyway we need to record the students. News to me. Luckily the Blue Yeti has a setting that allows omni-directional recordings but we had not thought about consent forms for students, so I had to go back to my office and create something quickly.  I returned at the end of the session to get the form signed and by the time I had done so the 90 minute recording had uploaded. I was impressed. I went back to my room and watched the recording.  The audio was very clear indeed and I’m suitably impressed with the mic. I trimmed the start where I was recorded explaining things, stuck a Panopto Focus block on the Moodle course to give all the students and tutors access, hid the block and put a link to the recording on the page.  Despite all the unforeseen changes, the result was excellent and the fact that the students can revisit the session and search through the PowerPoint and in time, after it has processed, also search through the audio track makes this an excellent resource.


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