Offline recording

The ability to record a Panopto session offline is obviously very useful.  However the way the recorder works is not as useful as we thought. This morning we lost internet connectivity in a teaching room but were not worried as we knew we could record offline and upload the session later. However, what we did not know was that you can only use the Panopto Recorder offline if…

  1. you have first used it online on that particular computer
  2. ticked the “Remember Me” box  and
  3. closed the program without logging off.

All this is documented by Panopto but we just did not know. I am not sure of the effects of logging off the computer and another user logging onto it and using the Panopto Recorder. We have not tested that.

So, this morning it did not save us as neither the lecturer not technician had ever used Panopto in that particular teaching room before.  So we had to use a video camera and will create a session later by uploading a video file and a PowerPoint presentation separately.


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