More scraps from the project (Panopto)

Things have been extremely hectic in the e-learning office recently due to staff being absent and the unrelenting stream of jobs coming in. This has meant that I haven’t been able to concentrate on the Panopto trial as much as I would have liked, but I will jot down some more scraps of info to keep this record alive.


More issues with recordings struggling to upload. We’re monitoring from the e-learning office but the discrepancy between what’s shown at a remote PC to the PC doing the uploading is irritating. so is the fact that sometimes people switch the PC off despite notices telling them not to.


The part time technician we employed a week ago, who was to start yesterday, changed her mind. Luckily another candidate was able to start immediately so I have been trying to bring him up to speed.

Having a new pair of eyes on what we’re doing and on Panopto itself is very useful.  Why, he wanted to know, have we only got one upload licence yet unlimited user licences, all of whom can upload via the Recorder.  I don’t know, but it does seem odd. I’ll have to ask.  We’ve even ‘lost’ it before now. We have to pass it around so people can upload video not made with the Recorder and once we were unable to discover who had it! (we searching on Panopto not just phoning each other up).

He also thought there must be a way of automating the process by which we email out a feedback form (online with Survey Monkey) to anyone who creates a new recording on Panopto. I’m sure there must be, but I haven’t thought of a way yet. Maybe he will. I mentioned it in the first tech session of the afternoon at the recent Panopto Conference in London as something I’d like on my Panopto wish list.


That last point reminds me that once we recorded something on an iPad and the quality was fantastic but when we uploaded it the quality in the Panopto Viewer was appalling. We uploaded it to youtube and it was perfect.  We were using standard settings on the iPad and concluded that we should use the iPad Recorder app in future rather than simply making a video.  My experiments with the iPAd since then have been to try to join an existing session that had been started on a PC. So far we have not been able to see the results in the Viewer and I suspect (as I mentioned before, I now realise)  a block on our wifi system.  Another thing to investigate when time allows.

Students uploading

We have a class of about 30 students whose tutor wants them to record themselves doing presentations. Their Panopto user accounts were created via the Moodle Panopto Focus block. This gives them Viewer permission on Panopto. I needed them to have creator rights. I edited their roles on the Panopto server but this has not resulted in them being able to see a link to download Recorder when they access our Panopto media server.  Odd and frustrating. I thought about making another Moodle course – making it a meta course that takes its enrolment from the original course but making the students all tutors on it, then adding a Focus block. This would work, but it would still not be ideal since the tutor does not want them to be able to see each other’s recordings without granting permission. So to share a folder in Panopto isn’t ideal anyway. I’m hoping the Panopto dropbox will provide the solution but haven’t played with it yet.

Users Group

Last week I publicised an online meeting for staff using Panopto. I was prompted to do this by one of the main users who wanted to share experiences with others.  Despite having lots of academics using the system only six have signed up for the meeting and three of those do not actually use it.  Communicating the possibilities that are afforded by Panopto and good practice in using it is difficult when everyone is busy teaching or doing research. It’s the same everywhere I know but frustrating nevertheless.

Stream Fails to Load

I’m aware of lots of emails in my inbox coming out of the jiscmail list PANOPTO@JISCMAIL.AC.UK about the problem of the “Stream Fails to Load” in the editing window. I haven’t had a chance to look at them yet but am hoping for an explanation if not a solution.

Help desk.

I also have a couple of jobs in the official Panopto Help Desk which need my attention and will get to these asap. I’ve been very impressed with the support offered by Panopto though sometimes things haven’t been resolved as they are bugs or things that cannot be explained.  This means that customer satisfaction with Support is recorded as 100% in my case, but with the product it is not quite as high though this is not recorded.  A new interface is expected later this month or early December, which I hope will be more than skin deep.


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