More Panopto Bits and Pieces

Today I haven’t been focussed on any particular aspect of Panopto but I do want maintain the momentum of this blog and try and record some of the scraps of info we learn daily in this trial, which otherwise might be lost, so here are some Panopto thoughts from today.

iPad Panopto App & wifi

A couple of days ago we tried to add an ipad stream to a different Panopto session but I forgot to press record on the iPad. Duh!  An opportunity arose this lunchtime to have another go as a colleague was recording a short 15 minute training session she was giving and so I muscled in with an iPad. The iPad Panopto app is simplicity itself and this time I made sure not just to join the existing session but to press ‘start recording’.  However, uploading is taking ages and I suspect a problem.  The iPAd is connected via the Staff wifi account and I suspect it is blocking the upload.  I’ll connect with  the less secure Guest access account and see if that works.

Slingshotshot & wifi

Similarly with Slingshot I cannot get the app on the iPhone to create a new session. Again I suspect the wifi connection to be blocking it.  (I haven’t used Slingshot yet but hope it will allow us to mirror the iPhone onto a PC and for us to be able to record the screen activity there. This is because we have a need to record someone using an app on a phone and also the screen. A single video camera doesn’t get the screen because the user’s finger is in the way.)

Need for photos of all teaching rooms.

The Panopto trial has highlighted a need to be able to see what equipment and furniture is in teaching rooms without walking all over campus to stick your head in the door.  We will have to create an online photo archive.

Upload percentage discrepancy and upload problems

We’ve reported this to Panopto and they acknowledge it’s a bug.  It became an issue again today. From our offices (away from the room in which the recordings are made) we can see how the upload is progressing…

Capture upload progress1

But the percentage figure is not the same as that shown on the recorder on the machine doing the uploading.  This is frustrating when we are waiting for the upload to complete to start editing.  Today we were waiting to see how the iPad stream would be integrated (but as I have said, it never got uploaded). One reason it annoys us is that we have to walk across campus to look at the uploading machine to make sure no one has switched it off.  Today it seemed to have got stuck which meant that we had to download it to an external hard drive, bring it into the office and upload from there. This happens occasionally and we are logging which rooms and PCs are causing problems and reporting them to IT Services.

Being evangelical

Today I made two new converts so am feeling quite pleased.  One resulted in us being able to record a staff research seminar and the other was an invite to record  student presentations at a satellite campus (which will involve using a video camera and uploading the file to Panopto rather than using the Panopto Recorder).  These new Panopto contacts came through face to face chance meetings.  I also emailed a few people who I think should be using Panopoto (to record science experiments) and have a meeting arranged to discuss possibilities.  Sometimes I think participation in the trial is low but on the other hand each day normally brings in one new person who wants to try it.  I also need to get professional and administrative departments involved – Finance, Registry, Estates etc.  I’m sure there are uses for it there.

Analysing usage

I employed a part time Panopto trial assistant / technician last week and she starts on Monday. I’m hoping she can start analysing usage data and all the data we are collecting from online surveys we send to those who make the recordings.

Panopto Users Forum

Today I advertised  an online users’ meeting next Friday in which I hope to allow people to share their experiences of using Panopto, to say how they’re using it, what works and what problems they have encountered. I know there are excellent things being done in the university and it will be useful to try and share these and put people in touch with each other. We’ll be using Big Blue Button, our webinar system.

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