Panopto Conference London 21 Oct 2014

No time to write anything with style and structure. Here are my tweets and Evernote notes, which should capture most of it from my perspective.

Tweets (from @bobridgestearn using #panopto14)

  1. David White at #panopto14 conference – lecture cap allows people to connect with events and humanise the connections and ‘belong’
  2. #panopto14 David White – we need to rehumanise std experience in the digital environment and lecture capture can do this if used elegantly
  3. Now student panel at #panopto14 conference. What do stds really think?
  4. #panopto14 Std felt injustice that not all stds got lecture cap and that not all tutors used it
  5. #panopto14 std at Birmingham watched last years lecture and spent face to face time discussing it… She liked that flipped approach
  6. #panopto14 Std says lecture cap didn’t affect attendance .. Students attend or not regardless of LC
  7. #panopto14 std thought being there in person helps understanding of recording later so was important to attend
  8. #panopto14 Stds talking about seminars and hearing their own voice .. Good to know you and yr friends were there they say
  9. #panopto14 stds don’t think quality of lecture is affected one way or the other by LC
  10. #panopto14 session:Using Panopto for Teaching – academics from Newcastle, Chichester and Birmingham unis
  11. #panopto14 some academics are fearful of LC but stds just want to learn
  12. #panopto14 we need to change assessments to match learning outcomes and use LC with a purpose. Don’t replace death by PP with Death by LC
  13. #panopto14 Birmingham is recording nearly all lectures. This is creating a debate about what lectures are for.
  14. #panopto14 students expectations need to be managed,. LC is capturing an event not creating a slick video programme
  15. #panopto14 Birmingham expect all staff to use LC and have an opt out agreement. Most staff only opt out when content isn’t suitable
  16. #panopto14 feedback on presentations can be given in ‘notes’ section.
  17. #panopto14 Bristol and Birmingham record lab experiments
  18. #panopto14 accessibility question… Transcript requests… Not really answered. Maybe not many requests?
  19. #panopto14 now session by Eric Burns of Panopto about future of product.
  20. #panopto14 now session by Eric Burns of Panopto about future of product.
  21. #panopto14 price of data storage plummeting, bandwidth increasing, idea od being on video more accepted so LC fairly common
  22. #panopto14 future… students expect to view on mobile devices … Also live streaming.
  23. #panopto14 future.. Reduce user time and cognitive load.. New interface coming
  24. #panopto14 future… If quantity of content is exploding the problem is finding stuff
  25. #panopto14 bricks and mortar emerge stronger with LC
  26. #panopto14 Interesting discussion on the problems of ERA licenced material. We are not alone in struggling with this.
  27. #panopto14 tech session on mics and cameras and capture boards etc. you can spend a lot of money on this stuff! Heard about a £4K camera!
  28. #panopto14 tech session now on the media library and playlists and ways of searching. New playlist interface looks sophisticated.
  29. #panopto14 new interface will not be silverlight dependent. Use html5 and flash. HLS will allow variable speed playback.
  30. #panopto14 text editor in #Moodle will allow embedding of #Panopto recordings. Useful.
  31. #panopto14 was very worthwhile. Virgin train to Birmingham was cancelled – tree on line – now on following train hoping not to feel a bump

Evernote notes on David White’s keynote

  1. They’re using a camera with a preview screen rather than a webcam to record the sessions
  2. David White’s blog =
  3. Student expectations are not necessarily what they want. It’s what they think they’ll get from their experience if school
  4. “Lecture capture puts people back in”. Not sure what into. (the event?)
  5. Students like seeing the vid of the lecture they were in because it “connects” them to the EVENT
  6. People like events on social media
  7. Aston Replay is how Aston have rebranded their lecture capture
  8. Flipped classrooms… Lots of talk about it but it will challenge student expectations
  9. If you flip ,   the connection becomes more personal and human

Notes on Student Panel

  1. Newcastle law school… Used lecture cap less than other schools
  2. Initially student thought it was standard but in later modules he realised its use was discretionary on the part of lecturer and was peeved that not all lecturers used it

Notes on tech sessions

  1. Southampton Solent just started a trial
  2. Chromecast. What is this? Look it up. Like apple air stream ????
  3. University of Wolverhampton just started trial
  4. Nov 22 is preliminary launch date for next version

 Notes on Session on Hardware (Nel Burdess)

  1. AUDIO and Mics – Personal recording at a desk.- Blu yeti is a great big mic.  seventy quid.  USB.  Excellent for desk use.
  2. Sennheiser, shure and audio technica are good lapel and boundary Mics for large venues
  3. Small teaching rooms best is MARSHALL AC 404
  4. Video – David Hammenter at uni of Edinburgh – Edinburgh have cameras costing 800 quid and 4000 quid!
  5. What video cards do we use????. Find out
  6. Hd-SDi. Or HDMI  to USB cards are best (is a way to plug a camera in)
  7. Black Magic cards not recommended
  8. people using PIR to turn cameras on and off, also pressure mats
  9. What’s PIR? (passive infrared sensor)
  10. document readers can be used

Final thoughts.

Our trial needs to take pedagogical justifications to tutors but just as important is to sort out hardware and processes – who does what and how etc. Our lack of an AV technician at the moment does not help.  We need to get some more sophisticated hardware for the second half of our trial.  Do a big push in next e-learning newsletter and see face to face all tutors who are using Panopto but who are not completing feedback surveys.  Future developments and new version due in November/December look good.  We definitely need a better Moodle integration than the present Panopto Focus block.

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