BYOD4L Reflections on Day 1

I am typing this in the car going to work just to test the practicalities of working on a phone on the way to work,
I’ve just made a video of my thoughts and this may be uploading while I’m typing. I’m not sure if the uploading is working as my signal wasn’t strong…  As can be seen below, there’s an E where 3G should be.


I’ve just looked at YouTube and it’s processing so the upload worked. We just need to be patient….

Just checked again and it’s ready but not available on 3G…


Now I’m at work. On wifi but still on my iphone and I’ve seen the video is uploaded – rather rambling but was easier to do than typing onto this phone. Here’s a link

Video diary reflections on day 1

I can’t immediately see how to embed the YouTube video here using this phone so am also going to upload the video to WordPress…

Nope. Can’t see how to do that though it’s easy on a PC.

This is not going well. I published it but it became a new page on my blog rather than a new post. Interesting that although I am an expert on a PC and have three different WordPress blogs, I am struggling on my iphone working in the WordPress App. Will try again…

Now I am on my PC. OK I failed!  I guess there was a default ‘publish to’ setting in the App. but I have a job to do so needed to sort this out fast.  I have now copied the page into a new post.   I’ll be back on BYOD4L late afternoon and evening.

I might as well embed that video now too as I’m on the PC…

My rambling observations remind me that using mobile devices  even for expert technology users can still be a challenge. Even when you are familiar with the technologies (e.g. WordPress) you cannot work in your normal way – you are forced to use Apps which may function slightly differently or may not offer all the possibilities if a web browser.


  1. Hi Bob,

    This is wonderful. Loved how you have approached BYOD4L. You are actively experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. When I saw you in the car, I thought you were actually driving… so I really worried. Thank you for explaining that you were not in the driving seat. I know I should have noticed from where you sit but I didn’t as I am used to continental driving, you see.

    Really enjoyed how you share your story Bob. It was fascinating to listen and see you there in action. so to speak. You talk about the expectations of getting input and specific readings. This was very interesting. Could it be that this is the way we are used to learn? We are using a different approach using the scenarios, which is based on Problem-Based Learning where the learner actually decides what they want to get out of the scenario and investigate. We have also invited people to create and share their own learning scenarios. The investigation starts from the problem and should lead to literature and further readings. We provide, as you say, some generic resources. It is up to all of you to identify and use sources that are relevant to you. You are literally in the driving seat on BYOD4L.

    I really look forward to find out where this journey is taking you and all of us.

    Speak again soon.
    Chrissi @chrissinerantzi

  2. Really enjoyed your reflective video Bob. Here is a link to the Storify of last night’s TweetChat

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