Starting BYOD4L

PC and iPAd showing course and twitter

I started a short free online course today – BYOD4L – Bring your own devices for learning. I guess it could be a MOOC depending how Massive it is, however, I’m guessing it will be an M for Modest (which is good).

I’ve only allowed myself a limited time to interact with the course – an hour a day at work, maybe longer at home if I have time, so I am hoping the instructions are crystal clear.

So, there’s a Home page with instructions and explanations and there’s also a Start Here page.  Mm. And it appears that the course will deal with 5 topics:

  1. connecting
  2. communicating
  3. curating
  4. collaborating
  5. creating

Reminds me of the 7Cs of learning design we looked at on OLDSMOOC though I think only two are the same. Anyway, no harm in alliteration I guess. And for each topic we (the course participants) will be given a problem-based scenario from the perspective of the student and the teacher to discuss, which we are to do using any of the following –

  • Comments on the WordPress site
  • Our own blog (in my case this one)
  • Twitter
  • Google doc (I guess we should really call this Google Drive)
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Google+ Hangouts
  • (for badges)

OK then, nothing too exotic or esoteric there, so  let’s begin….

But first an “initial survey” – demographics. No probs, though I see the anonymity is compromised slightly by adding my twitter name (not that that bothers me).

So today’s topic – connecting – and the scenarios are:

  1. A student asks – How can I get info? current info… international info?… who do I ask? in the field of well being?
  2. A lecturer asks –   Can I do my job as a lecturer without all this technology? I don’t have the time for it… what is an ipad or smartphone for?

I’ll choose the first one… How can I get info?

I wonder why this falls into the topic ‘connecting’.  Anyway, I gather that we should discuss this rather than just ponder it in isolation, so will have to find a networking tool.  Sue Beckingham (the social media guru) has produced a great list of possibilities, some of which I haven’t come across  before – see though I think I’ll opt for twitter for discussion and WordPress (here) for reflection.

And now I’ll finish this entry, typed on a PC, and switch to my tablet (ipad) – not because I prefer it (I don’t) but because it seems to be more in the spirit of BYOD. Actually I’ll go home as it’s taken me an hour to get my head around the course but it has piqued my interest so I will be back later on.

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