OERs tests 3,4,5 and 6.

This is the second post in a series in which I test whether CCSearch can find me Open Educational Resources and whether OpenAttribute makes it easier to provide the attribution. The overall test involves finding the following materials.

  1. An image of a British car factory – preferably in the 21st century.
  2. A presentation about the decline of the British car industry
  3. A text about the decline of the British car industry.
  4. A piece of audio (maybe an interview?) about decline of the British car industry
  5. A video about the decline of the British car industry
  6. A ready-made course about the decline of the British car industry.

I’m going to try to find material that I can modify, adapt and build upon and I do not want it for commercial purposes.  This post is about finding the a text – 

(I’m not sure what I want here, not exactly an academic paper.  I think I am seeking some sort of reading about the decline of the British motor industry for Level 4 undergraduates that I can modify, adapt and add to.)

CCSearch offers media, images, music and video so I decided not to use that but to look at http://www.oercommons.org instead.  Couldn’t find anything there so went on to look for some sort of audio clip.

Part 4 – A piece of audio. I couldn’t find anything.

Part 5 – A piece of video. I couldn’t find anything. (found some good video but they weren’t OERs)

I went on to looking for a complete course on Open Learn and there found a 5 minute piece of video that might be useful: Gerry Robinson explaining his thoughts about the car scrappage scheme, government investment and over-capacity in the car industry in an exclusive interview with the Money Programme team. However, the Open Attribution icon did not appear in my address bar and I noticed it was BBC copyright.

This whole test was very unscientific and doesn’t prove anything really. All these resources might exist as OERs but maybe I failed to find them because my search skills are not good enough. However, I doubt it.  I think that probably there are very few OERs associated with the history of the British Motor Industry.  So the impression I am left with is that CC is useful when searching for images but not that great for other resources.

Of course it probably depends on the discipline too. I used to teach theory of flight years ago and I bet there are lots of little animations and diagrams illustrating Bernoulli’s principle but for what I sought not so good.

Still, as an exercise on OLDSMOOC it was worthwhile since I met quite a few new sources of OERS and ways of searching for them and I was introduced to the Open Attribute tool.

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