OLDS MOOC W3 Learning Design

This is a post in the category of ‘learning journal’ for OLDS MOOC. So excuse this post for being a little introspective. I’ve been trying to extract from the first three weeks of the course a practical plan to move forward with and I have just posted the following to the Open Forum in the hope someone will be able to offer some guidance, clarification or reassurance.

(Excuse the formatting – it’s been copied and pasted from the other forum)

Have I understood week 3 correctly?

1.The “7Cs of learning design” describe 7 stages in the design of a course.

2.This week we are only dealing with the first C – Conceptualising  the course.

3.We have lots of tools at our disposal.

4.These tools are tools to design courses with ( not tools to deliver learning activities).

5.We have been asked to assemble a toolkit to help us design a course.

6.Certain tools have been suggested to us. Others we can pick from a crowd sourced cloudscape (or we might know of them already)

7.We then have a toolkit with which to conceptualise a course (not to design it per se).

Design Plan

So, using only the tools that have been suggested by Grainne and Rebecca I have put together this plan.

Does it make sense as a design plan in terms of chronology and content?

Also, I wonder whether I am duplicating things or omitted anything important?

Presumably before we start Conceptualising, the design team meets to Contextualise the course.

0. Design team Contextualises the course.

0.1 Create personas

0.2 Create Force Maps

0.3 Draw an EoR design Framework

Is there are linking activity between contextualising and conceptualising? How do these outputs feed into the next stage?

1. The design team meets and uses Course Features Cards –

1.1 Accept or reject cards.

1.2 Order into a diamond shape to indicate importance.

1.3 Write up decisions made in design journal.

1.4 This gives a view of the syllabus and the overall character of the course.

2. Download a Course View Map template and complete it manually. Or is there another way to do this?

2.1 Are there any cards for this??

2.2 This will show elements of course in terms of –


2.3 This gives a view in terms of student activities.

3. Create an Activity Profile.

3.1 This is a bar chart showing the amount of time students spend doing learning activities which are broken down into 7 categories.

Finding and using info

3.2 Use  Predict worksheet then  3.3 Use the Plan worksheet.  Write down decision made and reasons for.

3.4 This lets me see the course activities in terms of time spent on them.

What happens next is for another week in OLDSMOOC. (?)

One comment

  1. Nice post!

    In terms of the 7Cs framework yes this covers the different facets of design. Most examples are Conceptual Learning Designs but under consolidate you also have technical tools ie you might be implementing in a LD tool or a VLE. And a sharing design tool – Cloudworks. It is not true that this week are are only looking at the first – the Course Features is under Conceptualise Course Map and Activity Profile are under Combine. Hope this clarification helps. If you havent already done so I would recommend you watcth the 7Cs slidecast as that should help explain things!


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