OLDS MOOC W2D5 What’s a Portfolio?

Last night I set about looking for other people’s “portfolio updates” and assumed the portfolio was something I had not done myself. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that the portfolio is just all one’s “OLDS MOOC stuff” on Cloudworks.  I could ask but am anxious to move on as it’s important to keep up or get left behind and in any case this observation is valid even if I am wrong as it reflects one student’s perception and normally if one student misunderstands so do others, so I’ll plough on…

In week one there was no reference to the word portfolio. (I think that is the case anyway. It’s difficult to systematically check because info is spread across a number of systems, but certainly not on the OLDS MOOC webpage for week one – http://www.olds.ac.uk/the-course/week-1)

In week two it is mentioned 7 times (http://www.olds.ac.uk/the-course/inquire) but never defined only linked through to a CloudWorks page (http://cloudworks.ac.uk/tag/view/oldsmooc-portfolio) which displays items tagged with “oldsmooc-portfolio” and as of today there are only 6 clouds so tagged (two from the same person) and 7 cloudscapes tagged with “oldsmooc-portfolio” and of these two are owned by people who have tagged clouds.

I did have a look at a couple of these but it strikes me that the cloudscapes are nothing more than all someone’s OLDS MOOC ‘stuff’ and some of the clouds are just clouds called portfolios and I might be better off just browsing clouds and cloudscapes tagged oldsmooc.

To my mind a portfolio has some sort of structure and maybe  a contents page or navigation. I haven’t found this and so perhaps I too would have a portfolio if I tag all my OLDSMOOC clouds with OLDSMOOC-PORTFOLIO. And this is what I’ve done, all my OLDS MOOC clouds are in my OLDS MOOC Cloudscape which I have tagged as a portfolio.  That was easy!  I wonder whether I understood the ‘design’.  Anyway, when you look at http://cloudworks.ac.uk/tag/view/oldsmooc-portfolio I hope I’m not giving anyone false hope of finding anything interesting in my portfolio, it’s not really very interesting at the moment.


One comment

  1. Hi Bob,

    You’re right – we didn’t give a strict definition of a portfolio. I think your interpretation would be the most effective one, in terms of learning experience, but at the same time accept that many people will not have the time to organise their outputs systematically, and could still benefit from having an odd bag with all their OLDS MOOC stuff in it.

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