OLDS MOOC W1 Reflections

OLDS MOOC Week One Reflections.

One interesting thing about a MOOC is that the first O stands for OPEN and OPEN means the organisers have no control over who gets in.  I’m in and I don’t know what they make of me.  Maybe I’m a tutor’s worst nightmare,  a freeloader who’s on the course to observe and criticise and not really do what he’s told.  Sorry guys.   Yes, I’m on board principally to see how the OU runs a MOOC and while the subject matter of this MOOC  is “Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum” I am also learning about learning design by observing how they put this course together.

One thing that has occurred to me about the learning design of this course about learning design is that the intended audience is learning technologists and academics who are probably more versed in educational technology than students in other disciplines. This may excuse some of the design decisions made regarding the choice and number of online tools.  I also get the impression that the designers and tutors on the course are using it and the experience of teaching on it as research material and they may be doing things they might not otherwise do with other types of student.

Anyway, so far so good. I’m still here after a week though the unrelenting pace, lock stepped with everyone else,  with daily tasks is proving a little tiring on top of a day job and other interests.  Will I survive until March, I wonder?

So here’s a quick reflection on the week.

Thursday – Liked a Thursday start thinking it would  mean all students could keep up with each better than with a Monday start. However, as there are daily tasks this may not work out as it makes little difference if there are no ‘reprieve’ days.

Started daily blog on WordPress. Reviewed all the online tools used, Quite a number. Lots of Google. Bibsonomy is new to me and I still haven’t engaged with it.

Watched intro video and discussed it in Google Groups, introduced myself and set personal learning objectives on Cloudworks.  Spent a good while managing my public Google identity as I normally keep it quiet preferring to use other social media to communicate and network.  This MOOC forces you to use Google so I had to clean up my act and associate my Google account with the various Google services.

Friday – blogged again and talked about how confusing I was finding the various learning environments. This surprised me as I very web savvy and spend my life at work and at play on the web.  Found CloudWorks particularly frustrating. I understand the concept but it doesn’t always work as I would imagine.

Saturday – watched the Prezi presentation and was frustrated by  not being able to copy text from it. Still, found the (unstructured) typescript and did make some notes. Tried to engage with others about the presentation but found it odd that discussion was divided between CloudWorks and the Google Forum.  I also had some issues with search the forum and still haven’t got to the bottom of that.

Sunday and Monday I was on annual leave and away from home and did not log on.  I was supposed to team up and form a study circle. I’ll try and do this tonight though may already have something in place at work with colleagues I have met with face to face.  I also have a couple of people who have contacted me after reading my ‘dream’ cloud so I need to research them a bit and get back to them.

Yesterday took part, via twitter, in the live convergence activity and that brings us back to today where the task is to reflect.  Overall, I’ve enjoyed it but do feel part of a community of learners yet but maybe this will change if I can team up with some others.

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