OLDS MOOC W1/D2 Confused but shouldn’t be.

Well, I am yet to start today’s scheduled work because I have been faffing about with the tools we’ve been asked to use.  This has been confusing and frustrating, not least because I work in e-learning and am supposed to know all this stuff!

Google IDs

Last night I spent an hour just sorting out my Google identity. You could argue that this has nothing to do with the MOOC but in fact it has and when I use Google tools myself on courses I should remember the issues I had.  These were that because the MOOC wanted me to log on to so many Google products I decided to create a new Google ID (a work ID if you like) rather than use my existing one which I use socially and in connection with my motor racing interests.  However, later yesterday I decided that I had made a mistake and I should use only one account.  Thing is, so many other things are linked –  Panoramio, youtube, Maps, etc etc  It took me an hour to untangle the mess I found myself in and finish up with one account with the privacy settings I want.

MOOC Forum on Google

However, by the end of it I was functioning properly on Google Drive and able to use the MOOC forum.  This seemed mightily confusing at first because nothing seemed to be threaded. I seem to spend my life on mailing lists and forums at work on e-learning forums and outside work on motor racing forums, but this was the most daunting just a long list of messages. When I found the search box and realised that by clicking the little down arrow at the right of the search box I could navigate around the mess of messages I was OK.  I wonder whether others had this problem too.

Embedded content adds to confusion.

I’ve noticed this a few times… some content is embedded which means that it appears in more than one location which can cause confusion initially.  Here’s an example: On this page http://www.olds.ac.uk/mooc-environment/open-discussion there’s a link to the forum on this page https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/olds-mooc-open but messages from that forum are also on the first page. Odd. And confusing until you realise what’s going on.


I looked at CloudWorks a few years ago when it was launched but have never used it and never promoted it.  I’ve now spent an hour tonight getting to grips with it.  I’m still not sure that my Cloud within my CloudScape is in the OLDS MOOC CloudStream and will be found.  A list of Learning Journals was posted today but I notice this one hadn’t been found so I guess the list was generated from Cloudscape and when it was done my Cloud, which contains a link to here, was not in a CloudStream which in turn was not in the OLDS MOOC Cloudscape.  Perhaps.  I’m still not sure I understand Cloudworks properly but this is all part of what I want to learn on this MOOC so I am not that annoyed.  I might be though if I was trying to study 18th century English literature and was not concerned with the tools per se.


I’ve been away from this for a while and have just returned. I see I successfully added my cloud OLDS MOOC Bob Ridge-Stearn to a Cloudscape called Open Learning Design Studio (OLDS) – Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) set up by Rebecca Galley, which I had thought was the main Cloudscape I had to add my Cloud to. However, there aren’t many clouds there so I guess it’s just a private one. As you can see I am not a little confused.

Another thing I notice is that some people are introducing themselves on Cloudscape instead of on the Forum. You might think it doesn’t matter but it means I need to search two places to find people with similar interests.

[Later edit] I went back and went through Yishay Mor’s presentation about Cloudscape again. I do understand the concept, it’s just I cannot see how others and myself are connecting. I guess it will come in time.  One thing I did notice was that on slide 21 http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view/6664 it talks about the Introduce Yourselves Cloudscape, So it seems that there are two places to introduce yourself.  Enough of this I better start on today’s tasks.


  1. Bob – share your frustration. Now need to know how to get my blog picked up by Cloudscape. Rather use existing social media tools….

  2. […] Friday – blogged again and talked about how confusing I was finding the various learning environments. This surprised me as I very web savvy and spend my life at work and at play on the web.  Found CloudWorks particularly frustrating. I understand the concept but it doesn’t always work as I would imagine. […]

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